Joint Program to Promote
Technological Development
with the Private Sectors

This project is to promote development of technology which contributes to preservation of the global environment. With participation of companies, RITE has conducted this project since 1992.

List of Results
1 Treatment of waste water and hydrogen generation using photocatalysis of semiconductor powder
2 Development of technique for producing valuable chemical material by hydrogen activity
3 Development of hydrocarbon Adsorber Based on High Functional Activated Carbon Fiber and Its Fabrication Process
4 Development of petroleum substitutes through plant cell technology
5 Adsorption Recovery Systems for Volatile Hydrocarbons by Using High Performance Activated Carbon Fibers
6 Development of Technique for producing Asset Chemical Compounds from Organic Waste Water by Microorganism
7 Development of Super-Miniaturized Heat-Resistant Ceramic Oxygen Sensors
8 Photoelectrocatalytic production of hydrogen from water and conversion of carbon dioxide to useful chemicals
9 Technologies for the controll of imperfect combustibles of hydro-carbons by refractory semiconductor devices - Refractory heterojunction diode by Diamond/cBN -
10 Silicon Carbide Field-effect Transistor Working at High Temperature Environments

11 A Carbon Dioxide Decomposition Technology Using Oxygen Deficient Iron Oxides
12 Development of technology for Organic Wastewater Treatment by Microorganisms and Production of materials for Conserving Environment
13 Development of high speed, high sensitivity gas chromatography analysis technology
14 Development of recycling processes for waste polymers
15 Development of non-CFC cleaning system technology
16 Development of Spilled Oil Recovery Technique with Polyurethane Foam
17 Removal of Hydrocarbon and others by compound oxide catalyst
18 Study of Biodegradable Fiber
19 Development of solid state electrolyte sensor for monitoring NOx in exhaust
20 Hydrogen Production by Photosynthetic Microorganisms

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21 Development of the production process of the completely biodegradable microbial polymer
22 Development of Melting Technology for Waste Dedicated to environment
23 Study on environmental technology utilizing semiconductor photocatalyst
24 Research into the Stabilization of Chlorofluorocarbons Using the Low Temperature Plasma Copolymerization System and the Recycling of the Byproducts of the Process
25 Composite Sensor System for Measuring Combustion Exhaust Gas Elements
26 Technology for Metal Foam Diesel Particulate Filter with Catalyst
27 Research and Development of Low NOx Gas Turbine Combustor for Heavy Oil
28 Development on Utilization Technology for used printed wiring boards with electric components
29 Development of Equipment of Measuring the Microorganism Activity
30 R&D on Improving CO2 Fixation capacity of Plant Using Soil Microorganisms

31 The development of an organic thermal insulator at high temperature
32 Development of biodegradable foaming resin and its producing technology
33 Development of photocatalysts and sensors with fullerenes and fullerene polymers
34 Development of Waste Water Treatment Technology Using Oligotrophic Bacterium
35 Development of Deep Ocean Transport and Storage of Liquid Carbon Dioxide by Medium Pressure Flexible Pipe
36 Development of Technology for the Extraction of Valuable Metals from Industrial Sludge 
37 Development of Carbon Dioxide Fixation System by Fluid Catalytic Reduction
38 Development of Multifunctional Catalysts for the Removal of Dioxins from Flue Gases of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators 
39 Development of a high-efficiency dechlorination process for waste plastics and establishing the technology to convert from wet to dry blast furnace dust collectors 
40 Development of the high performance methane recovery and storage system adopting the spherical carbon material 

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41 Development of Clean Combustion Technology Using Powder-Fuelized Refuses
42 Development Program of Technology for Conversion of Waste Plastics to Pulverized Coal Substitute Product by Dechlorination
43 Development of the Low-Temperature De-NOx Technology
44 Bioremediation of Recalcitrant Chemical Pollutants-Contaminated Soil Using Waste of Edible Mushroom Cultivation
45 Development of Microbiological Treatment Technology for Xenobiotic Compounds
46 Development of a Device PM Burning while NOx is deoxidized
47 Development of Waste-water Treatment Systems with High-efficiency Usage of Ozone 
48 Development of equipment of measuring the microorganism activity
49 Development of Transparent and Flexible PLA Film with High Function
50 Development of hydrogen storage materials using carbon nanofiber obtained from Wood-base biomass

51 Multi-purpose Barrier System for Remediation of Oil-contaminated Ground
52 The development of petroleum leakage monitor in petroleum plant
53 Researches for Reliable Treatment of Water Polluted with VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
54 Development of Wooden Biomass Co-firing Technology for Coal-fired Power Station
55 Development of Ultraviolet Ray/Ozone Combination Dioxin Decomposition and Treatment Technique
56 Development of denitrification technology using solid hydrogen donors for wastewater from petroleum refinery plants
57 Development of Assay Systems for Endocrine Disruptors using Biological Reaction
58 Development of High Efficiency Gas Engine for Green House Gas Reduction
59 Development of the apparatus for destruction of global warming substances such as fluorocarbons and halons
60 Development of biodegradable super absorbent polymer made of polysaccharides

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61 Development of a Reduction Decomposition Treatment Technique for Nitrates in Wastewater
62 Development of recycling technology for the electrode materials (Li, Co) of lithium ion secondary battery by molten salt processing to improve energy use efficiency
63 Development of Lithium-ion Battery Iron-related Cathode Material Production Technology
64 Development of the effective recycling technology of stainless steel pickling agent
65 New light weight material development using recycled plaster and waste paper
66 Development of an advanced combustion control system that predicts optimum combustion conditions
67 Development of the technology which generates an aluminum compound efficiently from waste aluminum
68 Research and development of the functional ceramics technology that decreases the burden imposed on the environment from the paint
69 Development of an in situ measurement system of Dioxins (PXDD) using a femto-second laser for incinerators 
70 Development of Monitoring Technology of Oceanic Plankton Abundance

71 Improvement of Processes Fabricating Thin Film Anodes for Lithium Secondary Batteries
72 Development of Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery Generating System
73 Development of Energy-Saving Technology for Food Wastes Treatment by a Two-Phase Circulating Dilution-Free Methane Fermentation Process
74 Development of long-term stable fixation technology of photocatalyst with high-level environmental purification function
75 Research on the Carbon Dioxide Monitoring by the Time-lapse 3D Seismic Survey
76 Development of High Strength Austenitic Steel for Main Steam Pipe in Ultra Super Critical Power Plant
77 Production technology development of the large-capacity capacitor applied CNT to an electrode
78 Development of an Alternative Greener Process Using a Novel Solid Catalyst for Simultaneous Production of Glycerin and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters for Biodiesel Fuel Use
79 Long-Term Demonstration of CO2 Recovery from the Flue Gas of a Coal-fired Power Station
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80 Development of Rewritable Print Technology of the Low Energy by Reversible Reaction Dye Update!

81 Development of the technology to reduce the environmental burdens caused by the transportation/disposal of waste from private sectors Update!
82 Development of a Recycling System using Carbon Resources from Waste Cuttings Arising from the Maintenance of Palm Tree Plantations Update!
83 Development of CH4 Separation System from Biogas by "Membrane/Absorption Hybrid Method" Update!
84 Development of manufacturing technology of multilayer thin film electrodes for all-solid high capacity batteries Update!
85 Growth technology of Buffer layer toward high quality SiC substrate Update!

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