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TITLE Research and development of the functional ceramics technology that decreases the burden imposed on the emvironment from a paint
(Joint Program to Promote Technological Development with the Private Sectors)



The object of the research and development is to decrease the use of paints and organic solvents by utilizing the treatment that comes from the paint when it becomes in contact with the functional ceramics that radiate "Far Infrared Rays" prior to coating.

We have the following results this year.
(1) A study in how to improve the functionality of the functional ceramics was done.
We found Zirconium Dioxide(ZrO2) was better as the evaluation result of a variety of the materials, including semiconductors.

(2) Invesigation of the coating condition of paints treated by the functional ceramics was conducted.
With regard to sprayability by the automatic spray equipment which we developed,we established the technology to spray uniformly.

(3) The evaluation method of paint properties treated with the functional ceramics was investigated.
The viscosity of the paints treated with the functional ceramics showed the tendency to decrease clearly on the lamella length(used to see the difference the viscosities)measured by the automatic surface tension meter.
We found it's easier to spray to decrease the viscosity at the same thinning rate and improve the adhesion, the corrosion resistance and the drying property as well.

(4) The best combination condition between the paints treated with the functional ceramics and the automatic spray equipment was investigated.
For selling, all automation(include measuring, mixing, circulating and coating) makes it very expensive, so it's better to leave it to a customer's option.
For making it practicable, Formulating 50% of ZrO2 into the seramics , paint adheres to the ceramics and makes hard to wash, therefore it's better to use 20% formulation of ZrO2 having exactly the same results without paint adherence.

Future work
As the circulation equipment with the ceramics and the automatic spray equipment can be used well enough for experiments, it is needed to study the conditions for individual customers (e.g. the spraying span, the spraying speed, the velocity of the wind, e.t.c.) in future.