TITLE Development of Wood Chip Co-firing Technology for PCF Power Station
(Joint Program to Promote Technological Development with the Private Sectors)

RITE - TOKYO CHUO LABORATORY in Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd


In 2004, Electric Power Development Co., Ltd (EPDC) carried out wood chip co-firing test at Matsuura #2 unit 1000MWe thermal power station (Pulverized Coal Fired Power Station) which is EPDC's own power station.
And EPDC confirmed that wood chip could be co-fired with coal at the rate of 0.5% which was wood chip co-firing ratio as calorific value base.

・ Wood chip co-firing test at Matsuura #2 thermal power station

The rate of co-fired wood chip is depended on the effect of the coal pulverizer (coal mill) at the PCF(Pulverized Coal Fired) power station. EPDC carried out the test of wood chip mixing with coal, using one of the coal mill at Matsuura #2, and confirmed that the situation of coal mill was same as the case of 100% coal until 0.5% mixed of wood chip as calorific value. Then beyond 0.5%, the electricity consumption of the coal mill was increased gradually, and the pulverizing efficiency of the coal mill decreased gradually.
Based on these test results, EPDC carried out the wood chip co-firing test using all mill of Matsuura #2 unit, and confirmed that the situation of combustion e.g. NOx, ignition-loss and environmental protection efficiency e.g. flue gas treatment were same as the case of 100% coal fired.

・Research of wood chip resources

Based on marketing research, the most useful wood chip resource is wood waste.
However wood waste includes some metal e.g. nail, so it is necessary to remove these metals from wood waste in order to avoid the affection of PCF power station.
Some metal in wood waste affect the coal mill e.g. defacement.
And EPDC confirm there is enough wood waste resource around Tokyo aria, Osaka aria, Hiroshima aria.