TITLE Development of Carbon Dioxide Fixation System by Fluid Catalytic Reduction
(Joint Program to Promote Technological Development with the Private Sectors)



1. We started R&D of carbon dioxide fixation system(CO2 fixation system), aimed at restraint of CO2 emissions and prevention of global warming. The period of basic R&D is three years and the outline of R&D is as follows.

  Fy 1997 : conceptual design

  Fy 1998 : basic design

  Fy 1999 : performance test by scale model

2. In the conceptual design at Fy 1997, we clarified outline of the CO2 fixation ystem, energy and material balance and fixation cost based on energy cost, especially method to get hydrogen, which holds over 90% of fixation energy cost. Till now it was very difficult to enterprise CO2 fixation system for fixation energy cost.

3. Based on fundamental studies of CO2 fixation system, concepts were clarified as follows.

Outline of system : continuous and small scale CO2 fixation system which converts CO2 and H2 to functional carbons and H2O by catalysis. The reaction in the system is as follows

        CO2 + 2H2 → C + 2H2O

Required H2 : decompose methane gas by catalysis, which is got by anaerobic fermentation biomass

        Biomass → CO2, CH4

        CH4 → C + 2H2

Heat balance : heat required to operate the system is fully supplied by potential energy by biomass

Electric power : supply electric power required to operate the system

Fixation cost : providable by selling produced carbons

Application : brewery process, food manufacturing process, paper and pulp manufacturing process and sewage waste plant etc.

CO2 reduction amounts : approximately 1% of CO2 generated in Japan can be reducted by the system

4. This year CO2 fixation equipment of benchi scale model, approximately 1/100 to 1/1000 of actual real size, is planned to get basic data.

5. Carbons, which are at present manufactured with valuable fossil fuel of acethylene and fuel oil etc., can be got by the system. As total energy consumptions and CO2 emissions are saved by the system, it is expected tha t this system can contribute to improve global environment.