TITLE Development of Multifunctional Catalysts for the Removal of Dioxins from Flue Gases of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators.
(Joint Program to Promote Technological Development with the Private Sectors)



A novel multifunctional catalyst, which is highly active for the decomposition of dibenzo-p-dioxins and some related compounds (Dioxins) in the gases exhausted from municipal solid waste (MSW) incinerators, has been investigated in order to establish an efficient technology of Dioxins removal. The catalysts provided with three functions of catalytic oxidation, dechlorination and combustion were prepared by combining metals or metal oxides on TiO2. The activity of the multifunctional catalysts were prepared by combining three components and the optimum amount of each component to them was confirmed in advance by using monochlorobenzene (MCBz) as a model compound of Dioxins under the standard reaction conditions: ca. 1,000 ppm MCBz, reaction temperatures of 200-250℃, and space velocity (SV) of 10,000h-1.

One of them , which was exhibited high activity for the decomposition of MCBz , was evaluated using exhaust gas under the conditions of SV 15,000h-1 and temperatures ranging from 180 to 190℃. As a result, the catalyst showed more than 98% conversion of Dioxins and the sufficient durability were observed.

Based on the results, a process will be proposed which is higher Dioxins removal efficiency than the existing processes.