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TITLE Growth technology of Buffer layer toward high quality SiC substrate
(Joint Program to Promote Technological Development with the Private Sectors)
ABSTRACT We have developed buffer layer formation technology by Metastable Solvent Epitaxy (MSE) method to achieve high quality SiC substrate.

The MSE method has an ability to reduce defects propagation from substrate at an optimal condition that degrade electric device performance, e.g. micropipe, screw dislocation, basal plane dislocation.

The reducing effect of micropipe propagation was over 95%, and the density of basal plane dislocation was less than 5E+2cm-2.

The surface roughness was able to be maintained less than 0.2nm RMS by improvement of polishing condition.

For large area substrate, it was possible to synthesize buffer layer on whole area of 3inches substrate, and film thickness uniformity was less than }21% at 2inches substrate.

The peeling issue between material plate and SiC epitaxial substrate was readily solved by an improvement of synthesis condition and reducing coagulated area of the material.

Furthermore, electronic device (Schottky barrier diode) using the MSE buffer layer were able to operate without any trouble.

From these results, the MSE buffer layer have fundamental characteristic to reduce defects propagation from substrate and to operate SiC diode properly.

We are going to promote commercialization by optimizing synthesis condition such as thickness uniformity on 3inches substrate.