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TITLE Development of photocatalysts and sensors with fullerenes and fullerene polymers
(Joint Program to Promote Technological Development with the Private Sectors)
AUTHOR qhsd|gncnf`x` LABORATORY in Sony Corporation

Fullerene polymers are all-carbon and semi conductive material derived from direct crosslinking of fullerene molecules. The research of the RITE Hodogaya Laboratory is focused on the characterization and application of fullerne polymers as photocatalysts and sensors.

Our research contracted with RITE is summarized briefly;

(1)Fullerene polymers/Conducting Polymers heterojunction structures and double-heterojunction structures having dye layer between the polymer phases are potentially applicable as photovoltaic cells.

(2) Fullerene polymers are possible to use as non-contact photocatalyst having enough durability. In other words, fullerene polymers are effective activated oxygen generator by photo irradiation.

(3) Fullerene soots is also potential photocatalyst. For instance fullerene soots catalyses decomposition of organic molecules and acids. The material generates methane from carbon dioxide and water. So the material is possible to use both in cleaning and in energy-oriented technologies.

(4)Surcface-modified fullerene polymers allay is possible to determine the fractional pressures of the gases.

Our future fullerene research will be focused on photovoltaic application and H-based energy cycle.