TITLE The development of petroleum leakage monitor in petroleum plant
(Joint Program to Promote Technological Development with the Private Sectors)



At the time of storage and transportation of petroleum at a plant there are often losses caused by evaporation, leakage accidents etc. In the past there hasn't been a simple method of detecting leakage and evaporation. We aim to curtail the amount of losses, and prevent accidents by this development which performs detection and quantitative measurement of any leakage by visualizing the spatial gas concentration.

This system simultaneously displays the visible image alongside the infrared image by using a camera with compound elements. This superimposes the infrared display over the visible image.

Specifically the following items are developed;

1) Development of small, uncooled infrared matrix sensor.

2) Development of an infrared optical system for measuring the spatial gas concentration.

3) Development of an image-processing system for displaying a visible and infrared image simultaneously.

The first fiscal year (the year 2000) we mainly developed infrared 8x8 matrix thermopile sensors. The second fiscal year (the year 2001) the sensor drive circuit and signal processing circuit for taking out the signal of each element in order were produced and animationized by FET built in the sensor. The last fiscal year (the year 2002)

in order to simultaneously display the visible image and the infrared image, the image-processing system was developed.

But the development of infrared matrix sensors with higher number of pixels had not started. Because the yield of elements did not reach a target value.

We will develop sensors with higher number of pixels with our company technology from now on. Visualization of the spatial gas concentration will be attained by developing 64x64 matrix thermopile sensors.