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RITE Today [2018]

RITE Today Vol.13 (2018)

RITE Today Vol.13 (2018)


Akira Onishi, Managing Director
Mitigating Global Warming through the Power of Science

R&D Activities

Research & Coordination Group
Outline of Research Activity in Research & Coordination Group
Systems Analysis Group
Research Activities in Systems Analysis Group
Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology Group
Development of Biorefinery Technology toward a Low Carbon Society
Chemical Research Group
Challenges Associated with the Advanced Industrialization of CO2 Capture Technologies
CO2 Storage Research Group
Development of Geological CO2 Storage Technology for Realizing Safe CCS at Scale
Inorganic Membranes Research Center
Research and Development on Innovative Environmental and Energy Technologies that Use Inorganic Membranes and Efforts toward Practical Use and Industrialization
  • Topics
  • Outreach Activities and 2017 Paper, Presentation and Publication
  • Feature:
    Geological Carbon dioxide Storage Technology Rearch Association Round Table


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