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RITE Today [2017]

RITE Today Vol.12 (2017)

RITE Today Vol.12 (2017)


Toshifumi Matsuoka, Chairman
Fukada Geological Institute
Social acceptance of CCS

R&D Activities

Research & Coordination Group
Measures in Future for Deployment of CCS
Systems Analysis Group
Research Activities in Systems Analysis Group
Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology Group
Technology Development of Biofuels & Green Chemicals for the Realization of a Biorefinery Society
Chemical Research Group
Challenges Associated with the Advanced Industrialization of CO2 Capture Technologies
CO2 Storage Research Group
Development of Safety Management Technology for Large-Scale Geological CO2 Storage
Inorganic Membranes Research Center
Research and Development on Innovative Environmental and Energy Technologies that Use Inorganic Membranes, and Efforts toward their Practical Use and Industrialization
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  • Outreach Activities and 2016 Paper, Presentation and Publication
  • Feature:
    Activities of Inorganic Membranes Research Center


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