Global Warming (Overview)

Global Warming Impact

Extreme weather events are projected to occur in various regions worldwide.

  • Melting of glacier and ice sheet by temperature rise, sea level rise by thermal expansion of sea water

  • Increase of damage in coastal area brought by high tide and tsunami due to sea level rise

  • More frequent drought and water shortage due to polarized precipitation

  • Frequent occurrence of localized torrential downpour and flood, or strengthening of tropical storm

  • Impacts on ecosystems from the instability of the habitat environment caused by changes in the climate system

  • Impacts on marine ecosystems from changes in sea water temperature and ocean circulation

Projection of Climate Change

CO2 Emission

  • Observation of Climate Change
  • Carbon Cycle
  • Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
  • Projection of Future Climate Change
  • Global Warming Impact
  • CO2 Emission
  • Warming Mitigation

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