Global Warming Research & Analyses

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Global Warming Research & Analyses

Many will agree that global warming is the issue that might be a threat to human, as well as that need to be tackled urgently. However,setting targets with the highest potential of their effectiveness, as well as devising measures with highest probability of their achievement should be required, considering a diversity of the world. Looking at global warming issue partially might induce idealistic thought without effectiveness. In this section we are analyzing global warming issue broadly and deeply, then consolidating them to see the best possible pathway for preventing global warming.

  • Global analyses

    International comparison and analysis of targets on global warming countermeasure and their costs, global CO2 emission forecast, commentary on various global warming policies

  • Analyses of Japan

    Analysis of targets on global warming countermeasure or CO2 emission reduction in Japan

  • Outline of model and data

    Description of DNE21+ model and DEARS model, data used by those models, obtained data from those model analyses