Global Warming (Overview)

CO2 Emission

CO2 emissions vary widely across countries.

Source) Estimates by RITE using data of UNFCCC and IEA

*) Total amount of 6 GHGs including CO2 or CH4 {CO2 equivalent}

・Currenlty emissions from China and U.S. are notably large.
・In the future, GHG emissions are projected to increase from developing countries, due to their population increase and economic growth.
・Emissions per unit of GDP (GHGs emitted per 1-unit production of GDP) are small in developed countries, and large in developing countries.

Global Warming Impact

Warming Mitigation

  • Observation of Climate Change
  • Carbon Cycle
  • Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming
  • Projection of Future Climate Change
  • Global Warming Impact
  • CO2 Emission
  • Warming Mitigation

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