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The Role of RITE

Toward Economic Development and Global Environment Protection Compatible with Each Other

Global warming is one of the most serious issues faced by mankind, and as such must be addressed on a global scale.

In 1990, Japan announced "New Earth 21", a 100-year plan to clean up our natural environment which has been degraded by human industry over the past 200 years.

RITE was established in July 1990 as a center of excellence which would work internationally toward implementing this plan, focusing on the following two measures;

  • Development of Innovative Environmental Technologies
  • Expansion of CO2 Sinks

Total emission of greenhouse gases

  1. *1.Energy conservation movements in society, increased energy efficiency from equipment, more efficient power plants, improved mileage from automobiles
  2. *2.Solar cells, fuel cells, nuclear energy
  3. *3.CO2 separation, capture and storage, bioenergy, biodegradable plastics
  4. *4.Forestation and forest preservation, greening of arid land by genetically engineered plants
  5. *5.Space-based solar power generation, nuclear fusion

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