Learning more on energy

What do we use energy for?

Primary energy such as resource energy or renewable energy is processed and refined, then converted to secondary energy that are different forms of energy like electricity, city gas, petroleum products or heat. Finally they are delivered to us in the form of electricity, gas or gasoline.
Recentlly in Japan, approximately 40% of primary energy is utilized to generate electricity power.

Looking into those energy consumption by nation, we can find that energy consumption varies dependent on levels of living or economic growth. In other words, the wealthier life we live, the more energy we need.

Energy is an essential basis to better current convenient life or to stimulate economic activity.
However, consumer behavior or technology development undertake a key role not to cause waste of resource.

Various forms of energies

Where is energy from?

What do we use energy for?

  • 01 Where is energy from?
  • 02 What do we use energy for?
  • 03 Is energy used economically?
  • 04 The future energy technologies


  • Fossil-fuel Energy
  • Non-energy use
  • Watt (W) vs. Watt-hour (Wh)