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Production of green chemicals

Prosperity of humankind stands on the exchange of environmental destruction and global warming. However, we must avoid environmental destruction any more for next generation. Development of environmentally-friendly products and their processes is fundamental points. Establishment of the bioprocess for "green chemicals" useful as a basic materials for various kinds of commodity products ex. electronics, automobiles, fibers, etc…. has tremendous significance.

Petroleum-dependent chemicals are generally produced under conditions of high temperature and high pressure.
It needs large consumption of energy, large amount of waste water, and CO2 emission.
In contrast, green chemicals is produced by bioprocess at ordinary temperatures and pressures, this is eco-friendly way and has the great advantage.

Our research group has been struggled to develop a new bioprocess for production of green chemicals with high yield and high productivity from non-food biomass to avoid competition of foods using genetically modified Corynebacterium glutamicum based on our originally developed growth-arrested bioprocess and metabolic engineering.
Our extensive research activities in broad ranges: from basic research to its application about aliphatic and aromatic compounds at lab level, pilot level, and more.