CO2 Storage Research Group

Introduction to research in the CO2 Storage Research Group

  • Geological formation modeling

    Geological formation modeling

    Development of storage performance evaluation method by modeling formation

  • Optical fiber

    Optical fiber

    Development of geological formation deformation monitoring technology by optical fiber sensing

  • Permanent OBC(Ocean Bottom Cable)

    Permanent OBC(Ocean Bottom Cable)

    Development of CO2 behavior monitoring method by ocean bottom cable for seismic survey

  • Marine environmental impact

    Marine environmental impact

    Development of environmental impact assessment method for possible CO2 leaks

Projects in CO2 Storage Research Group

  • Activities Related to CCS Safety Assessment
  • Working with International Organizations
  • Collaboration with Industry
  • Message from the Group Leader
  • Outline of CO2 Storage Research Group
  • Symposiums and Workshops

What's New

  1. Feb,27,2015


    English website renewed.

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