Research Projects

"New Earth 21" Program

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Energy Modeling Forum (EMF)
  • An energy and environment modeling forum coordinated by Stanford University.
  • EMF aims to provide the important insights for energy and environmental planning and policy that are learned from comparisons among different modeling approaches. These insights are far more important than precise "forecasts" based upon a single perspective or expert. This focus makes the Forum's conclusions useful to policy makers and decision makers who are not modeling experts.
  • RITE participated in EMF19- Climate Change: Technology Strategies, using DNE21 Model.
ACROPOLIS (Assessing Climate Response Options: POLIcy Simulations) Project
  • A project coordinated by Institute of Energy Economics and the Rational Use of Energy (IER), University of Stuttgart, and sponsered by the European Commission (EC) (from April, 2001 to September, 2003)
  • ACROPOLIS project addresses the general objectives of the Fifth Framework Program for Energy and aims at applying and comparing existing models to assess the impact of energy technologies and policy measures on GHG emissions and on sustainability in a global systems analysis perspective.
  • RITE was a participant of the project; DNE21 Model was used for the designated analyses.
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) "Scientific and methodological aspects of the Proposal by Brazil: Assessment of Contributions to Climate Change"
  • The analysis results with the Climate Change Model of the Integrated Assessment Model DNE21 are provided to "the Scientific and method ological aspects of the Proposal by Brazil: Assessment of Contributions to Climate Change" in UNFCCC.
Yamaji-Fujii Laboratory in University of Tokyo
  • This research including the model development and analyses was conducted in cooperation with Professor Kenji Yamaji and Associate Professor Yasumasa Fujii.