Research Members

Name Position Field of Expertise
Shin-ichi NAKAO Director of the Center, Chief Researcher Chemical Engineering
Hiroaki MATSUYOSHI Deputy-Director of the Center, Chief Researcher Polymer Science and Engineering
Hidetoshi KITA Chief Researcher Chemical Engineering
Masahiro SESHIMO Senior Researcher Chemical Engineering
Kazuyuki KITAMURA Senior Researcher Material Engineering
Fuminori ITO Researcher (acting) Polymer Chemistry, Surface Chemistry
Lie MENG Researcher (acting) Chemical engineering, Membrane separation
Yu XIN Researcher Chemical Engineering
Makoto RYOJI Senior Researcher (acting) Material Engineering
Hiromi URAI Research Assistant
Kazuaki SASA Reaearch Assistant
Nobuaki OONO Research Assistant
Chiyoko SHINDO Research Assistant
Akiyoshi FUJII Research Assistant
Yuko NARA Research Assistant
Keiko KOMONO Research Assistant (acting)