Development Themes

Development Themes

Chemical CO2 solvents operating at ambient pressure

Some chemical CO2 solvents are suitable for CO2 capture under relatively low pressure conditions from large-scale CO2 generation sources, such as the flue gases emitted by coal-fired power plants (Post Combustion Capture) or the blast furnace gases from steel-making plants.

In previous studies, we achieved our targeted CO2 capture energy consumption rate of 2.0 GJ/t-CO2. Moreover, we successfully developed novel solvent systems that enabled CO2 desorption at temperatures below 100 °C, lower than the temperature of 120 °C required by conventional systems.

Currently, we are conducting the COURSE 50 Step 2 project. This project began in 2013 and is scheduled to finish in 2017 and has the goal of developing high performance CO2 solvents that will reduce the costs associated with CO2 capture to below 2000 JPN/t-CO2 in the steel-making industry.

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