Development of novel solid sorbents for CO2 capture

Commercial implementation of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) technology is imminent and highly desirable. Recent CCS research has focused on demonstration projects and feasibility studies of commercial-scale systems. However, the development of low-cost CO2 capture technology with low energy consumption is also required. In line with this, RITE has conducted a project funded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) since 2010.

Development of novel solid sorbents for CO2 capture


The project's research objectives are to develop solid sorbents to decrease the energy requirements for a CO2 capture system and to establish evaluation standards for CO2 capture systems. The solid sorbent is prepared from liquid amine and porous supports, and exhibits similar CO2-sorption characteristics to those of liquid amine solvents. Furthermore, solid sorbents are expected to have the advantage of a lower heat duty requirement during the regeneration process. On the basis of RITE's liquid amine sorbent technology, we have started to develop fabricated novel solid sorbents. These are applicable in the capture of CO2 from coal-fired power plants that target energy consumption of 1.5 GJ/t-CO2 (Figure).

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