Nagaoka CO2 Pilot-Scale Injection Test Site

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Nagaoka CO2 Pilot-Scale Injection Test Site

Nagaoka CCS Pilot-Scale Test Site (Iwanohara Test Site, INPEX)

Pilot-Scale Test Site

Primary factors for site selection

Geological evaluation
  • Continuity of cap rock, sealability
  • Reservoir depth (800 to 1200 m), formation thickness ( >10 m)
  • Continuity of reservoir, moderate slope
  • No fault within a range of 1.5 km2
  • Existing information related to underground structure and geological condition
Evaluation as test site

Well and injection facilities: Securing premises, understanding by local residents, etc.

Entire Outline & schedule

World's First, Only One

Outline of Main Achievements at Nagaoka PJ

CO2 storage mechanism

Indications of mineral trapping in addition to physical trapping and dissolved CO2 trapping were acquired.

Monitoring and prediction method of CO2 behavior

  • Effectiveness of measurements of seismic waves and resistivityresistivity was confirmed from physical logging and tomography measurements.
  • Geological models necessary for prediction of long-term CO2 behavior was developed through matching with CO2 monitoring results.

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