In 2005, the Kyoto protocol came into effect with the goal of curbing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. Innovative technologies are now more than ever urgently needed for aggressively addressing global warming issues, particularly via carbon dioxide emission reduction.

The various scientific seminars held at the Symposium demonstrated that the development of commercial technologies to address the need to reduce CO2, have made steady progress in recent years, mainly at the level of the Japanese industrial sector. Moreover, the industrial concept "Biorefinery" is now actively explored worldwide for accelerating carbon recycling using biomass as a new global warming mitigation paradigm. In addition, carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) at point of emission, and notably at power stations, is increasingly being commercialized on an international scale.

In this Symposium, the newest approaches to industrial R&D, "Biorefinery", and CCS were introduced by the foremost researchers in the world. Delegates who gathered at the venue and openly exchanged their opinions and ideas, included numerous representatives, not only from domestic industrial, governmental, and academic sectors, but also from several foreign embassies, thus paving the way for successful multi-level interactions and collaborations.

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