Study of Environmental Assessment for CO2 Ocean Sequestration for Mitigation of Climate Change (SEA-COSMIC)


  1. Objectives

    The purpose of Ocean sequestration Project at RITE is to develop a generic assessment model for describing and predicting CO2 behavior from a discharge point to the ambient open ocean and the biological impacts.  


  2. Schedules

    The 5-year R&D is scheduled to initiate from 1997.



  3. Organization

  4. R&D Subject

    (1) Clarification of behaviors of liquid CO2-seawater at injection
    (2) Research on technologies of CO2 transport to intermediate depths of the ocean and dilution
    (3) Laboratory experiment on CO2 impacts on marine organisms
    (4) Developmejnt of models to assess environmental impacts near the area of CO2 injection
    (5) International joint research of CO2 injection at the open ocean site as one of the CTI activities
    (6) Supporting survey

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