Research>"New Earth 21" Program
Last Update: Nov.1, 2003
Outline of Integrated Assessment Model DNE21
@RITE has developed Dynamic New Eath 21 (DNE21) model and the family models with Professor Kenji Yamaji and Associate Professor Yasumasa Fujii of the University of Tokyo. We also have analyzed and evaluated global warming mitigation strategies using the developed model, in order to make the best possible quantitative analysis and assessment in terms of energy, environment, economy, and various other aspects from a long-term and global point of view.
@The Integrated Assessment Model DNE21 which consits of Energy Systems Model, Macro-economic Model and Climate Change Model is introduced below.
Type of DNE21 Model
Evaluation Time Span of DNE21 Model
World Region Division of DNE21
Model Structure of DNE21
The detail of each model can be seen by a click in the above picture.