The purpose of this study is to develop a new CCS technology using geothermal reservoir.

The system of georeactor is described below;

  1. injecting flue gas by mixing with produced water from the reservoir depth,
  2. fixing CO2 as carbonate in the reservoir (carbonate precipitation is accelerated by high temperature and pressure),
  3. recovering formation water from the production well,
  4. separating N2 gas from produced water,
  5. releasing N2 gas into the atmosphere, and
  6. recycling produced water to inject flue gas.

The driving force for injection is induced by the water table difference between injection well and production well.
That for production is thermal upwelling. This water recycle system is as same as the geothermal generation.

Schematic of Georeactor


I. Field Study for CO2 fixation technology at Ogachi Hot-Dry-Rock site (Akita, Japan)

II. Evaluation of CO2 fixation conditions by laboratory experiments

III. Development of methodology to simulate CO2 fixation process at geothermal area

IV. Feasibility study of Georeactor

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