Research Members

Yosuke Arino

Yosuke Arino

Job Title


Areas of speciality

Environmental and economic analysis

Academic background

Ph. D (Economics), Graduate School of Economics, Keio University

Professional background

  • ・RITE : Apr. 2014~
  • ・Visiting researcher of Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC), Keio University : 2013~2017

Professional affiliations

Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, The Operations Research Society of Japan

Major accomplishment

  • ・Onuma, A. & Arino, Y. (2011) Greenhouse gas emission, mitigation and innovation of adaptation technology in a North-South economy, Environment and Development Economics,16(6),639-656.
  • ・Arino, Y., Akimoto, K., Sano, F., Homma, T., Oda, J. & Tomoda, T. (2016) Estimating option values of solar radiation management assuming that climate sensitivity is uncertain, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113(21), 5886-5891.
  • ・Sugiyama, M., Arino, Y., Kosugi, T., Kurosawa, A., Watanabe, S. (2017) Next step in geoengineering scenario research: Restrained deployment scenarios and beyond, Climate Policy, Published online Jun. 8, 2017.