Research>"New Earth 21" Program
Last Update: Nov.1, 2003
Analysis Examples of Integrated Assessment Model DNE21
The important assumptions and some analysis results of the Integrated Assessment Model DNE21 are presented here. Please download the program files of DNE21 if you want to see further details.
The figure below shows the important input and output relations of DNE21 model.
The detail can be seen by a click on each of the model assumptions or of the 3 modules in the figure. Please click a policy scenario (Reference Scenario or CO2 Concentration Stabilization Scenario) if you want to see model result examples.
The model analyses have been made for various kinds of assumed cases. As examples, analyses results are shown for the following two policy cases.
Model analyses in "Reference Sceanario"
Model analyses in "CO2 Concentration Regulation Scenario - Stabilization of Atmospheric CO2 Concentration under 550 ppmv"