Production of L-aspartic acid from Brevibacterium by the cell re-using process.
Process Biochem. 1: 124-128. 1985.
H. Terasawa, H. Yukawa and Y. Takayama.

Strong aspartase activity was found in cells of Brevibacterium genus, having resistance to alpha-amino-n-butyric acids, and the production of L-aspartic acid from fumaric acid was studied by reusing intact cells. The properties of intracellular aspartase were also investigated. In order to produce the L-aspartic acid at high yield, the conditions which suppressed the unwanted formation of L-malic acid were determined.
The production of L-aspartic acid was carried out reusing intact cells which suppressed the side reaction, and L-aspartic acid was produced from fumaric acid stoichiometrically.