Isolation of promoters from Brevibacterium flavum strain MJ233C and comparison of their gene expression levels in B. flavum and Escherichia coli.
FEMS Microbiol. Lett. 131: 121-126. 1995.
T.J. Zupancic, J.D. Kittle, B.D. Baker, C.J. Miller, D.T. Palmer, Y. Asai, M. Inui, A.A. Vertès, M. Kobayashi, Y. Kurusu and H. Yukawa.

A promoter probe shuttle vector suitable for the isolation of promoter elements from coryneform bacteria was constructed. This vector carried the neomycin phosphotransferase (NPTII) gene from transposon Tn 5 as a reporter gene, and was capable of replication in both Escherichia coli and Brevibacterium flavum. The vector was used in the construction of a B. flavum library of 899 independently isolated promoter cloned. Promorters with a wide range of activities in B. flavum, including some very strong promoter elements, were isolated. Comparative anarysis suggests that significant differences between B. flavum and E. coli may exist in the determinants of promoter strength.