Presence of mrr- and mcr-like restriction systems in coryneform bacteria.
Res. Microbiol. 144: 181-185. 1993.
A.A. Vertès, M. Inui, M. Kobayashi, Y. Kurusu and H. Yukawa.

Efficient transformation of Brevibacterium flavum MJ233C and Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 31831 (up to 5.0 x 10(7) transformants/microgram DNA) depends on the source of plasmid DNA. The transformation efficiencies of B. flavum MJ233C and C. glutamicum ATCC 31831 increased nearly 10(3)-fold when plasmid DNA was isolated from the recipient strain itself or from a damdcm Escherichia coli mutant, as compared with DNA passed through a modification-proficient E. coli strain. These results suggest the presence of a methyl-specific restriction system in certain strains of coryneform bacteria. In addition, electroporation conditions were optimized.