Based on the information obtained from the complete C. gluamicum R genome sequence, our unique DNA microarrays with 99.9% of the bacterium's genes are used to analyze the gene expression patterns in RITE Process 1). Such information is useful in improving metabolic pathways of the bacterium in order to create highly-efficient C. glutamicum R cells producing useful chemicals.

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1) Transcriptional profiling of Corynebacterium glutamicum metabolism during organic acid production under oxygen deprivation conditions.
Microbiology 153: 2491-2504. 2007.
 M. Inui, M. Suda, S. Okino, H. Nonaka, L.G. Puskas, A.A. Vertès and H. Yukawa.

 Strategy for highly-efficient production of useful chemicals using the transcriptome analysis

 Microarray analysis