We have developed the "RITE Bioprocess", a novel technology to produce chemicals such as lactic and succinic acids at high productivities. In contrast to most current bioprocesses, it is independent of microbial growth and  thus not subjected to changes in prices of microbial growth substrates. Moreover, unlike conventional bioprocesses, its productivity, expressed as space-time-yield (STY) , is comparable to that of chemical processes since no time or space is required for microbial growth during chemical production. In fact the economic feasibility of some of the conventional bioprocesses has been questioned.

 The RITE Bioprocess addresses the problems of conventional bioprocesses in the following way:
 Bacterial cells are grown large scale and packed in a reactor to a high density prior to substrate addition to initiate bioconversion. This manner of using bacterial cells as if they were chemical catalysts enables production of large amounts of chemicals in short periods of time.

 One of our main objectives is to address environmental degradation and energy security issues using the RITE Bioprocess that is competitive not only against existing bioprocesses but also chemical processes.