Group Leader
Chief Researcher
Dr. Shin-ichi NakaoResearch management
Chemical engineering
Deputy Leader Group
Associate Chief Researcher
     Takashi YamaguchiResearch management
Chief Researcher Dr. Naotsugu ItoMembrane reactor technology
Chief Researcher      Takayuki HigashiiProcess technology
Senior Researcher Dr. Kazuya GotoProcess technology
Senior Researcher Dr. Kenichi IkedaMembrane separation
Senior Researcher Dr. Teruhiko KaiMembrane separation
Senior Researcher Dr. Tsuguhiro KatoOrganic composition chemistry
Senior Researcher      Hirotsugu NakataMembrane separation
Senior Researcher Dr. Katsunori Yogo Catalysis
Inorganic material
Researcher Dr. Firoz Alam ChowdhuryOrganic composition chemistry
Researcher Dr. Shuhong DuanMembrane separation
Researcher Dr. Junpei FujikiCatalysis
Inorganic material
Researcher Dr. Takashi SaitoSupercritical
Researcher Dr. Tsuyoshi WatabeCatalysis
Inorganic material
Researcher Dr. Hidetaka YamadaChemical engineering
Computar chemistry
Researcher Dr. Shin Yamamotochemical engineering
Process technology
Researcher Dr. Kota YamazakiMembrane separation
Expert      Kiyomi Kitamura
Research Assistant      Hanako Araki
Research Assistant      Atsuko Fukushima
Research Assistant      Kozue Kataoka
Research Assistant      Hiroshi Kimura
Research Assistant      Keiko Komono
Research Assistant      Toshiaki Miyajima
Research Assistant      Misato Mori
Research Assistant      Makoto Nakajima
Research Assistant      Yuko Nara
Research Assistant      Ryuichi Shirai
Research Assistant      Rie Sugimoto
Research Assistant      Shigetoshi Tanaka
Research Assistant      Hiromi Urai
Research Assistant      Junko Yonezawa
Research Assistant      Naomi Yoshino
Researcher Student      Duc Sy DaoNARA INSTITUTE of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY,D2
Researcher Student      Daichi NakazawaNARA INSTITUTE of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY,M2
Researcher Student      Kazuaki UchitaniNARA INSTITUTE of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY,M2
Researcher Student      Tatsuya KatsuraNARA INSTITUTE of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY,M1

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