Research and Development

Gathering excellent researchers from around the world, RITE aims to contribute to the resolution of the global environmental problem.

Fundamental Research

To foster the future industrial technologies for the preservation of the global environment, we are carrying out fundamental researches at the RITE headquarters laboratory for (1) scenario-making for global warming mitigation, (2) CO2 separation, capture and storage and (3) CO2 fixation by plants and its effective use.

R&D Project

Co-operating with academia, national research organizations and private companies, the five research groups of RITE promote national R&D projects under the theme of "CO2 fixation and effective utilization" etc.

Programmed R&D

Supported by subsidies from METI, RITE is promoting the search for R&D themes, fundamental research at the conceptual stage (leading research), and technological research for the verification of feasibility (fundamental technology research) on CO2 fixation and effective utilization.

Research Study

RITE conducts research study for the comprehension of the various technological trends about the global environment and the creation of technological development themes.

International Exchange/Public Relations

International exchange

As a research institute open to the world, RITE aims to promote information and research exchange with gathering world-leading wisdom.

In FY 2009, RITE held its international symposia.

Public Relations

RITE promotes the introduction of its activities and spreads its achievements through exhibitions, this web site, annual reports "RITE Today" and so on.

Promotion of industry-institute cooperation

For the early commercialization of our environmental technologies, RITE aims to establish new collaboration projects with the industrial sector utilizing our R&D achievements and fundamental technologies.